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Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

With its more than 90,000 affiliated members, accounting for 75% of total employment and representing 80% of GDP, the Chamber of Commerce is Luxembourg’s largest professional organisation. The responsibilities and missions of the public institution are clearly defined by the law of 26 October 2010, which grants the Chamber of Commerce great powers but also important duties. Its main operational missions are the involvement in the legislative procedure by the preparation of opinions, the promotion of the spirit of enterprise and the creation and development of businesses, the promotion of foreign economic and commercial relations, the fostering of a system of education and training that meets the needs of businesses, the provision of services to business and the general public as well as the information to the public and the stimulation of debates as partner and independent ambassador of the market economy (think tank and proposals of policy). As a professional chamber and public institution encompassing all sectors of business other than agriculture and crafts, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce sees its rationale and role as guardian of the interests of its member companies.