Sponsors of the LCM 2017 Conference


Delphi Automotive PLC is a high-technology company that integrates safer, greener and more connected solutions for the automotive sector. Delphi is a leading global vehicle components manufacturer and provides electrical and electronic, powertrain and active safety technology solutions to the global automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Within its Powertrain division Delphi provides systems integration of full end-to-end gasoline and Diesel engine management systems including fuel injection equipment, fuel handling, combustion, electronic controls, test and validation capabilities. We design solutions to optimize powertrain power and performance while helping our customers meet new emissions and fuel economy regulations.

Besides seeking on optimization of gasoline or Diesel powered internal combustion engines and hybrid vehicles, Delphi also investigates alternative fuels such as natural gas (CNG) and bio-methane as an attempt to reduce oil dependency and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore Delphi has developed a novel injector which enables direct injection of CNG. It has been successfully demonstrated that it then becomes possible to achieve performance levels similar to modern direct injection gasoline engines. (www.delphiau.to/Life)

Parallel to our product development, Delphi is collaborating with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in order to perform a life cycle analysis and calculate CO2 footprint. The study aims to verify the potential of DI-CNG technology to become a viable alternative for future low emission powertrains.