Themes of LCM 2015


We have clustered the sessions into four themes:

  • Policy, regional and data needs for life cycle management (Policy and regions)
  • Life cycle management in business practice (LCM in practice)
  • Life cycle management in different sectors (LCM by sector)
  • Methods for life cycle sustainability assessment and management (Methods for sustainability)

The options are “Conventional”, “Half presentation & half discussion” and “Workshop/Roundtable” (One key note + short presentations to make the point + discussion)

Policy, regional and data needs for life cycle management (Policy and regions)

  • Mainstreaming LCM for sustainable value creation
    Chair: Philippe Garrigues, ISM/CNRS, France – Co-Chair: Christian Traisnel, cd2e/[avniR], France
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication towards mainstreaming LCM
    Chair: Guido Sonnemann, ISM/University of Bordeaux, France – Co-Chair: Paul Hohnen, Sustainability Strategies, The Netherlands (to be confirmed)
  • Business-Government Dialogue on Life Cycle Thinking for Sustainability
    Chair: Llorenc Mila I Canals, UNEP – Co-Chair: Luiz Ortega, Braskem, Brasil
  • Environmental footprinting and labeling: experiences with environmental programs
    Chair: Hélène Bortoli, ADEME, France – Co-Chair: Jérome Payet, Cycleco, France
  • Mainstreaming LCM in public policy
    Chair: Clare Broadbent,  World Steel AssociationCo-Chairs : Hugo-Maria Schally, European Commission / Sylvain Chevassus, French Ministry of Environment
  • Mainstreaming LCM around the world through ecoinnovation
    Chair: Sonia Valdivia, World Resources Forum – Co-Chair: Philippe Schiesser, APEDEC Ecodesign Fab Lab, France
  • Mainstreaming LCM in SMEs: the benefits of sectorial approaches
    Chair: Gérard Deroubaix, FCBA, France- Co-Chair: Aubin Roy, cd2e/[avniR], France
  • Mainstreaming LCM using a sector based and regional approach for innovation
    Chair: Naeem Adibi, cd2e/[avniR], France – Co-Chair: Vanessa Pasquet, cd2e/[avniR], France
  • Generating data: LCA databases and datasets quality, assurance and verification
    Chair: Andreas Ciroth, GreenDelta, Germany – Co-Chair: Bruce Vigon, SETAC


Life cycle management in business practice (LCM in practice)

  • Business perspectives on mainstreaming LCM for sustainable value creation
    Chair: Manuele Margni, CIRAIG/Polytechnique Montreal, Canada – Co-Chair: Paul Hohnen, Sustainability Strategies, The Netherlands (to be confirmed)
  • Strenghtening the transition to circular economy by LCM
    Chair: Daniel Normandin, Institute Eddec/ Polytechnique Montreal, Canada – Co-Chairs: Enrico Benetto, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
  • Global partnerships and collective action to implement LCM
    Half Presentation/Half Discussion
    Chair: Peter Saling, BASF – Co-Chair : Stéphane Morel, Renault
  • Making the life cycle metrics department more relevant in large organizations : from the Cellar to the Stage
    Chair: Mark Goedkoop, PRé Consultants – Co-Chair: Alain Wathelet, Solvay
  • LCM and Communication
    Chair: Anne Marie Tillmann, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden – Co-Chair: Mary Ann Curran, BAMAC Ltd, USA
  • Creating shared value and resource efficiency with LCM along the supply chain
    Chair: Martina Prox, Hamburg Institute for Environmental IT, Germany – Co-Chair: Marzia Traverso, BMW Group
  • What processes from research to practice?
    Chair: Urs Walter Schenker, Nestlé – Co-Chair: Sangwon Suh, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • From projects to processes to implement LCM in business
    Chair: Martin Baitz, PE International – Co-Chair: Elmar Rother, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
  • Managing life cycle information from supply chain for LCM
    Chair: Hongtao Wang, Sichuan University, China- Co-Chair: Greg Norris, Harvard School of Public Health, USA


Life cycle management in different sectors (LCM in sectors)

  • LCM for building & construction and public infrastructure
    Chair: Joan Rieradevall, UAB Barcelona, Spain – Co-Chairs: Rocío Fernández Flores, ACCIONA Infraestructuras, Spain
    Chair : Hélène Teulon, Gingko 21, France – Co-Chair : Nicolas Salmon, Nobatek, France
  • LCM for chemicals and materials
    Chair: Guy Castelan, Plastics Europe- Co-Chairs: Christine Schneider, Henkel / Philippe Loubet, ISM, Bordeaux INP, France
  • LCM in the energy and the electricity sector
    Chair : Mourad Ben Amor, University of Sherbrooke, Canada – Co-Chair: Marc Andree Wolf, maki Consulting, Germany
    Chair : Anne Prieur, GDF Suez – Co-Chair: Sara Palander, Chalmers University of Technology- Swedish Life Cycle Center, Sweden
  • LCM and the end of life of products and materials
    Chair: Allan Astrup Jensen, Nordic Institute for Product Sustainability, Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, Denmark – Co-Chairs: Gérald Rebitzer, Amcor / Emma Rex, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • LCM for food and beverages
    Chair: Sébastien Humbert, Quantis – Co-Chair: Ying Wang, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy
    Chair: Steven Young, University of Waterloo, Canada – Co-Chair: Muriel Barthe, CIVB, France
  • LCM for transport and mobility
    Chair: Stephan Krinke, Volkswagen – Co-Chair: Ludovic Dariol, Airbus DS
  • LCM for textiles and leather products
    Chair: Christèle Merter, Happy Chic, France – Co-Chair: Anne Perwuelz, ENSAIT Roubaix, France


Methods for life cycle sustainability assessment and management (Methods for sustainability assessment)

  • Monetarisation: effective approaches to combine multiple dimensions of sustainability assessment
    Chair: Jean François Viot, Solvay, France – Co-Chair: Philipp Preiss, EIFER, Germany
  • Practical applications of advanced LCA to LCM
    Chair: Stephan Pfister, ETH Zurich, Switzerland – Co-Chair: Annie Levasseur, CIRAIG/ Polytechnique Montreal, Canada / Eskinder Gemechu, ISM, University of Bordeaux, France
  • Integrating social aspects in LCM
    3/4 Presentation & 1/4 Discussion
    Chair: Bernard Mazijn, Institute for Sustainable Development/Ghent University, Belgium – Co-Chair: Jean Pierre Revéret, University of Québec, Canada
  • WBCSD Social Metrics Initiative
    Chair: Andrea Brown, WBCSD – Co-Chair: Jacobine Das Gupta, DSM, The Green Take, The Netherlands
  • Organizational LCA (OLCA) is the new tool for LCM
    Chair: Mathias Finkbeiner, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany – Co-Chair: Atsushi Inaba, Kogakuin University, Japan
  • Efficient and successful design methods and tools for sustainable industrial systems
    Chair: Dominique Millet, EcoSD, France – Co-Chairs: Sebastian Zinck, Steelcase / Nicolas Perry, ENSAM, University of Bordeaux, France
  • Practices for Hotspots Analysis and Product Sustainability
    Chair: Jim Fava, PE International – Co-Chair: Mark Barthel, Product Sustainability Forum/WRAP, UK
  • Quantifying and Communicating Avoided Emissions: Panel and Discussion on Standardization Efforts
    Chair: Cynthia Cummins, WRI – Co-Chair: William P Flanagan, General Electric, United States of America
  • How collaborative research on Life Cycle may improve LCA practices for businesses: the SCORELCA feedback
    Chair: Philippe Osset, SCORE LCA/Solinnen, France – Co-Chair: Jade Garcia, SCORE LCA, France
  •  LCM and Human Toxicity Evaluation
    Chair: Quentin de Hults, BASF, Belgique – Co-Chair: Ralph Rosenbaum, ELSA-PACT, IRSTEA, France