LCM series

The LCM Conference Series

The Life Cycle Management conferences are established as one of the leading conference series worldwide in the field of environmental, economical and social sustainability. The unique feature of LCM is developing practical solutions for the implementation of life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making. The Life Cycle Conference is for international decision-makers from science, industry, NGOs and public bodies.

About Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management (LCM) extends actions beyond the organisation, so that firms in the supply chain are linked and able to make comprehensive, product (good or service) oriented environmental improvements.

The LCM concept can be considered as a framework that must be integrated at all levels of the organisation, effectively in research and development, product design, marketing, purchasing, strategic planning, corporate reporting, and management. The LCM concept is an integrated system for improving operations, products and services, ensuring information and decisions from a life cycle perspective and contribute to improve decision-making.  A life cycle framework adresses improvement to technological, economic, environmental and social aspects of an organisation and the goods and services it provides.

Organisations use LCM frameworks to explicitly identify, document, and communicate their business strategy and to chart a course from this strategy toward a more sustainable firm.

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Previous Conferences

The LCM conferences have held a number of interesting themes through the years:

LCM 2015, Bordeaux – Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management for sustainable value creation

LCM 2013, Gothenburg – Perspectives on Managing Life Cycles

LCM 2011, Berlin – Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management

LCM 2009, Cape Town – The Global Challenge of Managing Life Cycles

LCM 2007, Zürich – From Analysis to Implementation

LCM 2005, Barcelona – Innovation by Life Cycle Management

LCM 2001, Copenhagen – Life Cycle Management – A bridge to sustainable products