LCM 2017 Mobile App

Here you will find information on the different features of the app and how to get it.

App Features

Personalized Agenda

You can create your personal agenda, by “adding” presentations from within the sessions to your own agenda. Click here to learn more on how to do it. This is what the personalized agenda looks like:

Ask a Question

All the keynote speeches and some specific discussion panels through the conference will allow participants to Ask questions directly using the app. Go here to learn more on this feature.

"From PhD to Apps!" voting

The From PhD to Apps ! session  will feature a contest between 8 presenters. The final decision on the winners will be taken by the session chairs taking into account the vote done by the people in the audience. Please take a look at the dedicated page here to know more on the voting system.

Taking Notes

On every presentation, you will find a “Take notes” button. It’s use is quite intuitive.


Take a look here for more info on how to recover your notes by e-mail.

Twitter in the App

You will find across the different parts of the app the posibility to send tweets directly related to a presentation for example. There is shortcut to the @lcm_events account in the “Social Media” entry of the main menu. But look for the different “Tweet about this session” buttons in the app.


... and more

There are a few other interesting features available in the app:

  • Alerts: Whenever we need to give you updates on information, your app will let you know
  • App Refresh: when necessary a red dot will let you know that a refresh of the app is necessary
  • Maps of the venue and social events
  • Attendees lists

stay tuned for updates on this page

Downloading the App

The LCM 2017 dedicated application is available as a native mobile application in app stores (Google, Apple, Blackberry and Windows Phone).

The application will be updated during the conference with the latest news and will be used to reduce the printing of documents. All the abstracts will be made available through the app. You can also use the conference app to keep track of the different sessions in the programme you specifically want to attend.

Novelty in lcm2017: the application will feature new uses of the app: Provide feedback on sessions and the organization, participate in the “poster challenge” (an activity where participants of the conference can win daily prizes by answering questions related to the posters of the conference).

A web browser compatible version of the application is also available in case your mobile phone is not supported by the app: .