LCM2017 Mobile App – Personalized Agenda

Here are the steps to follow to add a presentation to your personalized Agenda:

Make sure you have logged in to the app , since the personalized agenda feature is dependant on this. If you have not logged in, you will see the following in the app:

On the menu on the left, select the Agenda entry. Presentations are categorized either in “Session” for the regular conference presentations, Keynotes or Social Events.

Then, sessions are presented by day. The special session “From PhD to Apps !” has a dedicated category to make it easier to find the presentations and vote (more info here).

Once you find an interesting Session or Keynote or Social Event, all you have to do is click on the “Add to your schedule” and that is it.

To take a look at your personalized agenda, click on your profile on the top right and it will show up there under the “Upcoming schedule”: