Below is the list of sessions that were accepting abstracts.
For the actual abstract submission process we used: ConfTool LCM 2017, with the following guidelines (below also).

LCM, Circular economy and product development

Innovation in sustainable urban systems

Innovations and developments of LCM methods and tools

Implementation of LCM along the value chain

Sustainability reporting and labelling for businesses

Definition and Communication of LCM-based policies, strategies and achievements

Special Sessions



  • Reducing the environmental impact of healthcare: A training workshop on calculating the GHG emissions of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • LCM policies definition and implementation
  • LCM funding opportunities
  • Teaching and promoting LCM – Industry and Acadamia perspectives:
    • Expectations from industries in terms of competences they require, and how academic programs fulfill these expectations
    • Role of LCA/LCM networks between industry and academia in terms of knowledge transfer, LCM promotion, connections it allows, …
  • Maturing abilities to embrace the Circular Economy

Discussion panels

  • Assessment of Externalities: Monetisation and social LCA
  • The role of LCM in the implementation of circular economy in businesses and policies