Henk-Jan Udding

Innovation Director - DSM Coating Resins

Henk-Jan Udding

Innovation Director - DSM Coating Resins


How DMS is using LCA to implement circular economy

The Circular Economy is a promising route for improved product sustainability as it is being embraced by many companies. However, Circular Economy goes far beyond recycling and it can be daunting for companies to actually integrate circularity in their strategy. The LCA department plays a crucial role toward effectively achieving the CE goals.

DSM has a story of using LCA to integrate sustainability, and is well positioned in the middle of the value chain to steer stakeholders, materials and design. This unique position, along with the collaborative interaction between LCA and other departments, allowed DSM to integrate CE in their agenda.

In this session, Henk-Jan Udding from DSM will share his experiences on how LCA helped DSM integrate CE, by making choices, with product design, development, and other aspects. From challenges, to approaches, to integration; come and learn from DSM’s journey and see how LCA can reinforce CE.

Short biography

Henk-Jan Udding is Innovation Director at DSM Resins & Functional Materials, one of the 6 business groups of Royal DSM.

Henk-Jan is an international manager experienced (>10 years) in the development and management of new businesses in a variety of industries.
He has a proven track record in various markets, e.g. specialty resins, coatings, adhesives, carpets, and oilfield chemicals.

In 1994, Henk-Jan Udding joined Royal DSM. He held several Research & Development and Marketing & Sales roles within DSM Composite Resins, followed by general management experience at DSM Corporate implementing enterprise risk management with three DSM global business groups. After holding the position of Marketing & Sales Platform Manager of DSM Coating Resins for Adjacent Markets, he joined the start-up JV DSM-Niaga in 2014 as NBD & Innovation Manager and next Innovation Director.
In June 2016, Henk-Jan moved to the new Novel Applications Platform of DSM Resins & Functional Materials. His ambition is new business development and to co-create sustainable products with value chain partners for a circular economy.

Henk-Jan Udding (Dutch nationality) studied Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (PhD).

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11:00 - 11:20