Joerg Walden

CEO - iPoint-systems

Joerg Walden

CEO - iPoint-systems


How can Blockchain support materials traceability, life cycle management, and supply chain transparency?

The distributed ledger technology blockchain, popularized by the success of the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is among the hottest topics of the year. Some believe that this nascent technology will have a far greater impact than the Internet, with wide-ranging consequences on the way data is shared and exchanged between distributed organizations. However, the exploration of blockchain technology and its successful application to solve real-world business problems is still in the early stages.
In his keynote speech, Joerg Walden will look behind this trending buzzword and detail how blockchain can be turned into a value-creating and trust-increasing business reality. He will discuss how distributed ledger technology can support companies in providing accessibility, verification, and validation concerning the origin of materials and goods, the digital and physical lifecycle of a product, and the production systems and sources that supply the goods. Furthermore, he will highlight limitations as well as key challenges to implementing this technology in these and other contexts.

Short biography

Joerg Walden is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of iPoint-systems, a leading provider of software and consulting for sustainable products, value chains, and brands. He draws on nearly 30 years of technology industry leadership, software development expertise, and executive management experience. At iPoint, Joerg is responsible for the business strategy, product strategy, and innovation management. Since its founding in 2001 as a small automotive-focused company, he has transformed iPoint into a multinational, globally operating market leader with a clientele of tens of thousands of companies from various industry sectors.

Joerg places great value upon an open, continuous culture of innovation, a high degree of customer focus, a global partner network, and the monitoring of relevant standards and trends in order to provide solutions that are always one step ahead. He is driven by the vision of how today’s solutions can contribute to securing a sustainable world for future generations.

Joerg’s commitment is frequently recognized and honoured, including the designation as Gartner Cool Vendor in Green IT and Sustainability (2012), the Verdantix Smart Innovators Badge for Product Stewardship Solutions (2015), the TOP Innovator of the Year award (2016), the recognition as one of Germany’s 100 top innovators and visionaries by the leading German business newspaper Handelsblatt (2017), and the Verdantix EH&S Innovation Award (2017).

Joerg holds a civil engineering degree in automation from Reutlingen University.

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09:30 - 10:00